Issues for Surgery 

Exacerbation of symptoms associated with Ménière’s disease (e.g. vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss) if omitted.

  Advice in the Perioperative period 

Elective and Emergency Surgery


Post-operative Advice

Restart post-operatively when next dose due.

  Interaction(s) with Common Anaesthetic Agents 

None 1, 2, 3.

   Interaction(s) with other Common Medicines used in the Perioperative Period 


Betahistine is a histamine analogue; theoretically concurrent administration of betahistine with H1 receptor antagonists (e.g. cyclizine) may result in mutual attenuation of effect1, 2, however, there is only one isolated, unconfirmed case report3. Bear the interaction in mind in case of an unexpected response to treatment.

   Further Information 

None relevant.


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