The Handbook is set out using a standard monograph template. The table below explains what information is contained in each monograph.


Class and / or drug name(s)


Where there is a class effect associated with a medicine, these have been included in one monograph.  In all monographs the name(s) of medicine(s) is included as per their British Approved Name (BAN).

  Issues for Surgery

Includes a list of risks associated with both omitting and continuing the medication peri-operatively.

  Advice in the Perioperative period

Includes advice as to whether to continue or stop the medication pre-operatively, for both elective and emergency surgery.

Where appropriate information is also provided on: -

  • Pre-operative monitoring
  • Perioperative considerations
  • Post-operative advice

  Interaction(s) with Common Anaesthetic Agents


Includes interactions with common anaesthetic agents only – including any medicines used for induction, neuromuscular blocking drugs, sympathomimetics.

  Interaction(s) with other Common Medicines used in the Perioperative Period


Includes interactions with any other common medicines that may be used during the perioperative period e.g. antiemetics, pain relief, common antimicrobials.

  Further Information

Further in-depth information that may be of relevance i.e. clarification of risks.



Includes a full list of references used.